The power of skepticism and reasoned argument in judging JFK conspiracies

As a JFK assassination buff, I learned long ago that it is near impossible to argue with most conspiracy advocates - just as I'm sure that many conspiracists have found it difficult to argue with those who support the conclusions of the Warren Commission. This happens because most of us have an emotional stake in the argument and can't abide anyone who doesn't  see the "truth" as it has been revealed to each of us individually. This is where skepticism and reasoned argument must step in and play a role. Constantly challenging one's assumptions is the gateway to knowledge. For those who look at the Kennedy assassination, this is especially true. There are literally hundreds of books that cover every conceivable aspect of the assassination. No one could possibly read them all (given how much crap is being pushed in most of those books, that's probably a good thing). But serious researches have posited serious theories about what happened 50 years ago and who was responsible. ...(Read Full Post)