The Figures are In!

Obama's operatives in the White House and the media will be going out of their way to put lipstick on this piggy, but no matter what shade you use, that swine is still painfully ugly. The long-awaited figures show that 26,794 people "bought" health insurance on the federal website, covering 36 states. Another 79,391 "bought" policies on state-run websites. "Enrollment includes those who have selected a plan who either have or have not yet paid the first month's premium," HHS said. Think about that. Even these figures are optimistic since it includes people that haven't decided if they're willing to cut a check. It's the equivalent of shopping on Amazon and and putting something in your shopping cart that you then fail to buy. HHS is recognizing that as a sale even though you haven't bought anything. Imagine if every online retailer recognized sales whenever somebody dropped something into the shopping cart. It would be a massive fraud. The Feds would be tossing the CEO's into...(Read Full Post)