Role reversal: France pre-empts American surrender to Iran's nuke program

It is a measure of how low American has fallen on the world stage that France was forced to man up and prevent a sell-out deal at the nuclear talks in Geneva that would have, in the words of the New York Times, "do too little to curb Iran's uranium enrichment or to stop the development of a nuclear reactor capable of producing plutonium." The Times of Israel reports: Talks in Geneva between world powers and Iran ended early Sunday morning without a deal on Iran's rogue nuclear program, after hitting a snag on Saturday when France questioned the terms of a proposed agreement. The sides agreed to meet again in Geneva on November 20, but at the level of "political directors" rather than foreign ministers. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government were appalled at what the US was prepared to offer. Yaakov Lappin of the Jerusalem Post: The US folded during negotiations in Geneva with Iran over its nuclear project, political sources in Israel charged on...(Read Full Post)