Republicans treading in dangerous waters with the 'Keep Your Plan Act'

I wrote about this measure, introduced by Rep. Fred Upton a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it says that if you buy insurance before December 31, 2013, you can keep it - for at least a year. Similar bills have been introduced in the Senate. But there is danger for the GOP to embrace any kind of fix for Obamacare. The adage, "You fix it, you own it" (at least in part) comes to mind. And while the measure will no doubt be popular with the public, the Republicans should consider what it might mean if they take away a major issue for the 2014 mid terms and put them in the position of supporting repeal of a law they have tried to fix. The Hill: After their costly political strategy to defund ObamaCare, GOP lawmakers are more willing to support measures that will repair the president's signature healthcare law, political science professor Jack Pitney said. "Republicans took a look at the polls. They finally realized that defunding ObamaCare was unpopular, but a measure like this ...(Read Full Post)