Obama administration looks for workaround for healthcare.gov

Seeking to bypass the cliunky and glitchy website healthcare.gov, the Obama administration is looking at major changes regarding how people sign up for insurance and receive subsidies. People interested in buying health insurance under Obamacare could soon skip the HealthCare.gov website and apply for coverage and financial assistance directly with private insurance companies and online brokers, the Obama administration said Tuesday, in its latest effort to work around the faulty website. Health insurers and online brokers like eHealth have always sought the ability to let consumers to apply for subsidies to cut their health insurance costs without using HealthCare.gov, the online portal to health coverage in more than 30 states. But technological snafus with the system linking insurers to the federal government ruled out that option, even as HealthCare.gov itself has remained problematic. Now these insurance issuers and brokers are about to get what they want. The...(Read Full Post)