'Mona Lisa' of Obamacare a perfect symbol

ABC News' Good Morning America found and interviewed the smiling, mysterious woman who initially greeted visitors to the failed website.  And what a perfect greeter she is, symbolizing everything wrong with not only the site but the philosophy underlying it and those who promote it.  She is "pure Colombian," a "permanent resident," living in the US with her husband, a US citizen and son, a US citizen. She wanted free pictures of her family from the US government so she offered to allow the US government to use the pictures in exchange. She whines about "cyberbullying" when people photoshop the photo and otherwise mock it. And, oh yes, she was never paid. The smiling woman who was once the face of the Affordable Care Act's website has come out of the shadows to stand up to the "cyberbullying" she says she suffered after the law's flawed kickoff. Speaking exclusively to ABC News, Adriana, who asked that only her first name be used, said she was speaking out now to...(Read Full Post)