Lose Insurance Under Obamacare, Speak Up, IRS Audits You

It was tragic that Bill Elliot of South Carolina was stricken with cancer; reassuring that his excellent insurance covered his expensive but medically advanced treatment and he was doing well.  And then came another tragedy--in the form of an elitist, totalitarian, Know It All Government, almost worse than the cancer.  The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, deemed Elliot's fine insurance policy unacceptable--probably because it didn't include maternity coverage--and offered him another policy with higher, "affordable" premiums that Elliot couldn't afford.  As he told Megyn Kelly of Fox News, he didn't want to burden his family with the unaffordable affordable premiums so he decided to do without insurance and "let nature take its course."  But then...good news!  Health insurance broker C. Stephen Tucker learned about Elliot's plight from Fox News and helped him keep his insurance. Uh, no!  Another tragedy.  Mustn't upset the Big Man in the Big...(Read Full Post)