Knockout Game for Fun 'n Sport

Black teens, evidently bored with flash mob violence, have turned to a new game. It's called "Knockout." Nothing very complicated. It's what used to be known as cold-cocking; that is, smashing an unsuspecting enemy -- or in these instances, victims -- when their guards are down. It's happening in Brooklyn, where Jews are taking the brunt of it -- literally. It happened in Pittsburgh recently, where a 50-year-old schoolteacher minding his own business was bashed. The knockout game has resulted in more than injury; it's resulted in several deaths. Per CBS News in New York: Back in September, 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., was killed after his head was slammed into an iron fence. The three arrested, who police said were captured on video, were just 13 and 14 years old. Mr. Santiago's killers were "just 13 and 14 years old." These "kids'" savagery requires compassion and intervention. Historical and contemporary latent racism toward blacks are the motivations for these...(Read Full Post)