Journal retracts anti-GMO study

A victory for reason over junk science as the journal Food and Chemical Toxicity has retracted a study that purported to show health problems associated with eating genetically modified foods. Reason: A study last year by the French anti-GMO campaigner who sometimes masquerades as a scientist, Gilles-Eric Séralini, has been retracted by the journal in which it was published. Seralini claimed that rats that he fed a diet of GMO corn developed mammary tumors and liver disease. The study was widely hailed by anti-GMO activists and soundly denounced by actual scientists. In my article, "The Top 5 Lies About Biotech Crops," I reported: One widely publicized specious study (also cited by the IRT) was done by the French researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues. They reported that rats fed pesticide resistant corn died of mammary tumors and liver diseases. Seralini is the president of the scientific council of the Committee for Research and Independent...(Read Full Post)