I have never worn my country's uniform...

My name is Derrick Wilburn. I live in Colorado, USA and I would consider myself a typical "John Q. Citizen." I have three wonderful children and I was there for all of their births, there for first teeth coming in, there to see first steps taken, there to help teach them how to tie shoe laces and throw a baseball, there for graduation ceremonies from the kindergarten. I've taken them to YMCA league basketball practice, and soccer, and dance, and whatever else they've been into. I took the training wheels off of all of their bikes and ran beside them on those wobbly first attempts at two-wheeling it. Though I've missed a few, I've been there to watch their games. Been there to blow runny noses, help them figure out how two minus three can result in a number that's less actually than zero. Made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when they were hungry. Gone hiking in the summer, sledding in winter. With the exception of nights that I've slept in a comfortable hotel room, I sleep...(Read Full Post)