Emerging Democrat Civil War

One leading indicator of a rift in the Democratic Party is a spate of media articles on divisions among Republicans. We were told only a few weeks ago that the Tea Party rift with the Establishment wing of the GOP was going to elad to disaster, and that the only hope was for conservatives to give up their principles. Ted Cruz was the designated villain. What a difference a month makes!   GOP wounds are healing so well that John McCain is now calling for the "total repeal" of Obamacare, sounding rather like the junior Senator from Texas, while the Democrats are tearing themselves apart over whether to support the Obamacare status quo and sacrifice their careers, or bolt for the door and preserve some hope of re-election.   Josh Kraushaur at the National Journal chronicles "The Emerging Democratic Divide Over Obamacare" and cites three separate rifts:   -- President Obama v. the Clintons.   -- Congressional divide between red-state Democrats and Obama...(Read Full Post)