Crashing websites and higher premiums are not funny

At least the ongoing Obamacare horror is providing Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central and the late night media talkers with continuing content that their writers would ordinarily dismiss as being unreal.  Instead of writing a skit of a few jokes now they merely have to run a video of the latest gaffe.  How about a sketch of someone portraying Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius inviting a group of reporters to tag along with her to a hospital where several "navigators" are easily signing up previously uninsured individuals?  And then a reporter notices the screen ominously stating, "I'm sorry but the system is temporarily down." "Oh, that happens every day," the navigator replies.  But that's not a sketch, that's what happened Wednesday in a hospital in Miami. "Uh, oh," she responded in Miami.  And the glitches continued. With TV cameras in tow, the final insult came as a Miami resident told...(Read Full Post)