Normal people must dismiss you with disgust And weep for those who trusted you." The above is a line from the musical, Chess (1984), lyrics by Tim Rice.  The words resound today as an indictment of President Obama, who, like the character in the play, a Russian chess champion is an arrogant seeker of power by winning.  Who is hurt or discarded in service to his  compulsion to win is irrelevant.  That is exactly who Obama is....a man who wants to win, no matter the cost to millions of citizens or to the nation. The ends he seeks justify the duplicitous means he employs.  Did he read the two-thousand page bill called Obamacare?  Certainly not.  Does he care what it says?  Not a bit.  Does he care that millions of people who liked the health insurance they purchased, suited to their needs, have lost those policies?  Not at all.  He resents the fact that they were able to choose and buy those policies without more extreme...(Read Full Post)