Articles of Impeachment against Eric Holder slated to be introduced today

Rep. Pete Olson, a Republican from Texas, plans to introduce Articles of Impeachment to the House for Eric Holder of Representatives today. Bridget Johnson of PJ Media reports: A Texas Republican plans to introduce a resolution of Articles of Impeachment for Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday. Rep. Pete Olson's (R-Texas) office said [Wednesday] morning that "this was not a decision made lightly," but comes with Holder's "pattern of disregard for the rule of law and refusal to be forthright with Congress and the American people" since being held in contempt in June 2012. Holder has already been held in criminal contempt of Congress, by a vote of 255-67, which included 17 Democrats in support, with many others not bothering to vote no. Because the Department of Justice will not prosecute its own head, it would seem that the only remedy is impeachment. It is virtually a foregone conclusion that the Democrat-controlled Senate will not vote to convict the nation's...(Read Full Post)