Tourists angered at shutdown of D-Day Cemetery in Normandy

The federal government shutdown has affected 125 overseas cemeteries, including the one in Normandy where so many young men fell. Imagine planning a trip to the D-Day cemetery for months only to find the place shuttered when you get there. Reuters: American tourists visiting a D-Day cemetery in Normandy, northern France, expressed anger upon discovering that the white-cross memorial they had travelled thousands of miles to see was closed due to a U.S. government shutdown. Thousands of Americans flock to Normandy each year to see the beaches and sharp cliff-faces where Allied soldiers made their first entry into Nazi-occupied France during a massive invasion on June 6, 1944, known as D-Day. A year from the invasion's 70th anniversary, many came especially to visit the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, known for its pristine rows of white crosses, only to discover that its gates were chained shut. "Due to the U.S. Government shut-down this site is closed to the...(Read Full Post)