Tom Clancy Departs

I was saddened by the news that Tom Clancy had died. And it was ironic that he died in October. His first great hit was the novel, The Hunt for Red October. My Navy commander wife brought me this short book to read as I was recuperating from a near-fatal bout of meningitis at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Many of our friends are Navy submariners and she said they were all reading Clancy's action-packed story. In one month, this first fiction book published by Naval Institute Press had sold more, they said, than that little publishing house had sold in the previous century. They affirmed that Clancy got the technical details of the naval nuclear standoff between the U.S. and USSR just right. I sat up in bed and read the first page. It described a Soviet submarine commander -- the skipper of the Red October -- who hatches a plan to defect to the West. "The submariners may think it's perfect, but tell them the Russian interpreters don't. There's no way the Communists in the Kremlin would let...(Read Full Post)