The Spanish language version of has a bad case of 'no se puede"!

President Obama told us that the ObamaCare website, and call center, would service 150 languages. Let's confirm right now that "la version en espanol no sirve."    This is from CBS Philly: "An indefinite delay of the Spanish language version of the Affordable Care Act website threatens the viability of the program as a whole, according to area experts. was supposed to roll out this month, but although the website exists, the option to enroll electronically doesn't. That option does exist on, although the system has been plagues with problems." ObamaCare will need a lot of young people to sign up to fund the program. Hispanics will be a very big part of that younger population, as my good friend Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation reported a few weeks ago: "What's more, considering that 65 percent of Hispanics are millennials, they can expect to pay more to cover costs for wealthier Americans. Rates...(Read Full Post)