The Predators Walk Among Us

When discussing whether or not people could actually keep their healthcare coverage under ObamaCare, Mark Hannah commented to Fox News' Megan Kelly that the health insurance plans we have from our employers or privately purchased, are "predatory" plans and pretty "crummy." Be prepared for this to be the new agitprop line. It worked well when the left had to deflect attention away from the real causes of the Mortgage Meltdown -- remember "predatory lending" -- and it will be their way of telling us the coverage 85% of us could afford, were satisfied with prior to ObamaCare and received top medical treatment under, was really, actually, unbeknownst to us... predatory and crummy. And the more expensive plans under ObamaCare -- with higher premiums and outrageous deductibles we cannot even access -- are NOT crummy, because... they said so. This was the opening salvo in the Obama Administration's new health insurance offensive. They are now targeting the very same insurance companies who...(Read Full Post)