The Pacific Northwest's Chameleon Candidate

An election year is like a traveling circus.  One gets to see all sorts of grotesque sideshow freaks, such as chameleons, contortionists, snake-charmers, and phoenixes. This year, in the race for commissioner of the Port of Olympia, Washington, one of the candidates, Sue Gunn, is a truly beautiful specimen of chameleon.  With the ease of a virtuoso, she can turn Republican red, Democrat blue, or environmentalist green, depending on which faction of the electorate she's wooing. In January 2012, Sue was deep blue, advocating ultraliberal ideas such as unrestricted abortion, drastic downsizing of our armed forces, compelling corporations to refrain from political contributions, and same-day voter registration.  But by mid-summer, while running for Congress, she faded to a neutral purple and coyly refused to reveal her positions on any controversial issues, thereby flunking VoteSmart's Political Courage Test. This year, Red Sue is a hardheaded fiscal...(Read Full Post)