The Obama Administration Opens the National Mall - for Pro Illegal Immigration Rally

The National Park Service has seen fit to finally see the light and recognize that it was petty and vindictive to close off open air venues such as the National Mall due to the partial government shutdown. They are opening the site to allow certain members of the public onto the grounds in order to promote immigration "reform". In other words, if one supports individuals being granted amnesty for entering the country illegally, you have permission to enter the National Mall. If you fought in the Second World War, and aren't on a National Park Service-approved "Honor Flight," you are barred from seeing the World War II Memorial. The reason giving for allowing the exception for the immigration rally (sponsored by the non partisan SEIU and AFL-CIO) is that it was their First Amendment "right." Apparently, the veterans who fought and bled to defend those rights are not extended the same consideration. The weak rationale offered by the administration as to why these low or no maintenance...(Read Full Post)