The Death Spiral Begins

As a retired computer systems manager, I am always fascinated by large, complex software systems that fail -- such as the Federal ObamaCare "insurance exchange" currently being rolled out at This software monstrosity is now in its second week, and most people trying to use it still can't get into the system, or else they can't create an account on it, or their account information is lost.  I, and you, can follow this unfolding disaster at any time in the comments section on's own Facebook page, at  (You do not need a Facebook account to view this page.) Here are a few recent comments I saw recently (on Monday evening, October 7): Alicia Pasz: I waited but still CANNOT login. My security questions to create a new password are NOT MINE. If I cannot get SOMEBODY to clear this problem how am I going to login? I enrolled over the phone BUT I want to see what is going on with my account/app. I NEED HELP,...(Read Full Post)