The Basis for Bipartisan Agreement on Obamacare

Obama spoke in the Rose Garden Monday to tell us not to worry, because even if the federal Obamacare web site is down, we can still sign up by phone for a really high quality product.  So let's summarize.  We spent half a billion dollars of taxpayer's money to build a web site that won't work.  That's OK, he tells us, because it was also half a billion dollars spent to build a web site we didn't even need.  Why would this make us feel better? Because, he tells us, thousands of former ACORN workers/identity thieves are standing by ready to take our personal information by phone, and then help us buy health insurance at higher rates and more costly deductibles than we already pay.  We should also delight in knowing that, not only did the "Affordable" Care Act raise prices, it raises taxes to support a massive new government bureaucracy who will do things like build more non-functioning websites.  They'll also be given power to meddle with your...(Read Full Post)