Obamacare Live: Sebelius delivers SNL-like testimony

CNN, of all networks, captured the perfect representation of the total failure of the (Un)Affordable Care Act from concept, to content, to execution, to implementation in one powerful split screen graphic. Health and Human Services (sic) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, bravely taking blame for difficulties accessing healthcare.gov.  CNN, along with other networks, covered the proceedings live.   While she denied the website ever crashed, CNN (CNN!) continued broadcasting the proceedings on half of the screen while the other half had a live screen shot of the website itself headlined with the oh so perfect, oh so truthful "The system is down at the moment."  And the site really was down all through her testimony. No, that wasn't part of a Saturday Night Live skit, it was Obamacare live.  And not funny at all. The unfunny Obamacare Live hearings skit continued.  Rep Cory Gardner (R-CO)...(Read Full Post)