Sacraments of Cavernous Despair

I have found that the further men move in a vector away from the Living God, the more they eschew life and the institutions rooted in biological necessity and divine revelation. Hence, the malignant symptoms of this divorce from reason are inexorably expressed as deviations in: man-woman coupling, marriage, family -- those fixed hierarchical identities and institutions of order we find articulated throughout the panorama of Creation. But as the darkened human imagination, unencumbered from its foundation in God, cannot conjure new values but can only distort and defile existing ones, we nevertheless find that there are limits to the self's depraved autonomy -- that men in moral and ontological rebellion must still pay begrudging homage to classical virtues and masculine and feminine archetypes which are embedded deeper than any artificial convention, and indeed, deeper than the tendrils of nature itself. How fitting that the Brave New Humanity of Nietzsche's Zarathustra -- the...(Read Full Post)