Portrait of two Americas

As the two timing perfectly coifed Democratic senator, Democratic vice presidential nominee and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards observed, "There are two Americas."  One of them is the entitlement, gimme, gimme, gimme welfare food stamp recipients who grab more than their fair share whenever they can because well, they're entitled.  If they can't get their entitled freebies now! they threaten violence--on their Obamaphones  or Obama pads until they get their way. While the entitled were whining and wondering how to survive without their free food, American veterans took action against a petty, petulant Democratic president.  After all, as a vet's t shirt truthfully proclaimed  this nation is the "Home of the free, because of the brave." During Sunday's veterans' March on Washington (and you did read about that didn't you?) the veterans tore down the Barrycades Wall and dumped the debris by the White House gates. One of them was...(Read Full Post)