Police Video Captures Thug Assaulting Blind Man

The Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has some of the country's best-maintained historic landmarks, districts, cobblestone streets, and buildings from the colonial era.  Many of these structures, including the home where George Washington stayed to escape Yellow Fever, remain open to the public.  Germantown is also the birthplace of America's anti-slavery movement and home to the first bank of the United States. What does all this wonderful Germantown history mean to the average Germantown citizen?  Nothing.  Today's Germantown is a shadow of its former self and has a victimization rate that rivals small cities. The following story is yet another occurrence that illustrates why today's Germantown desperately needs the German Quakers and Mennonites to return. As reported by Foxphilly.com: "The 33-year-old victim was walking east on Seymour towards Wayne, and the suspect on the corner store appears to look down the street as the complainant...(Read Full Post)