Peace in Our Time, 75 years later

That's the title Richard Baehr chose for his trenchant analysis of President Obama's Iran policy, comparing it to Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler at Munich. Writing for Israel Hayom, the largest newspaper in that country, he writes: It is fitting that on the 75th anniversary of the appeasement at Munich, which enabled Adolf Hitler to seize parts of Czechoslovakia without a fight, the current presumed "leader of the free world," President Barack Obama of the United States, has decided that the avoidance of war with Iran is now the principal goal of American foreign policy. If that means Iran joins the nuclear weapons club, so be it. Obama may be the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter, but that is only if one grades him on a traditional scale, assuming the president wants the country to continue its leadership role abroad, and remain strong economically at home. If, however, the president has different objectives -- to pull America back from its overseas role, and...(Read Full Post)