NY Times in full anti-Netanyahu mode

First, it was the New York Times slamming Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's U.N. speech for allegedly sabotaging Western negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program.  Now, in its Oct. 4 edition, the Times follows up with a lengthy tirade against Netanyahu, faulting him for  a "growing chasm" between Israel and Washington over tactics and strategy in handling Iran's nuclear ambitions ("U.S. and Israel Share a Goal in Iran Talks, but not a Strategy" by Jodi Rudoren and David Sanger, page A4).According to the Times, Netanyahu "only grudgingly endorsed" negotiations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.  Actually, Netanyahu readily accepts negotiations, but he insists that sanctions against Iran not be lowered too quickly.  As he not so gently put it, "we're not suckers." According to the Times, "Netanyahu set out what most experts see as unrealistic conditions" for negotiations.  Notice that Rudoren and Sanger fail to identify those "experts."  The...(Read Full Post)