NSA hacks data centers of Google, Yahoo

The NSA's appetite for raw data is incredible. They are vacuuming up communications from millions of people and now we discover that without the knowledge of tech giants Yahoo and Google, the NSA hacked into links to their data centers which allowed them to intercept emails and other private communications almost in real time. The violations of privacy are bad enough. But what these revelations are doing to big IT companies is almost as bad. As it becomes known that companies like Google and Yahoo can be hacked, customers migrate to firms overseas thus siphoning off profits from America's cutting edge techology companies. The Cable: I think they're in an almost impossible situation," Rep. Adam Schiff, a senior member of the Intelligence Committee, told The Cable. Speaking of Silicon Valley firms who are obligated to cooperate with the NSA, Schiff said recent leak revelations threatened to negatively impact their bottom lines. "It's definitely going to hurt their business and I...(Read Full Post)