Netanyahu'​s U.N. Speech Sticks in NYT's Craw

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address at the United Nations did not please the New York Times. Far from it. In a blistering editorial, the Times unleashes its verbal guns against the Israeli leader for exposing Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, as a deceitful fraud intent on pursuing a nuclear weapons capability behind the façade of Tehran's charm offensive. ("Netanyahu Pushes Back on Iran" page A20). The Times accuses Netanyahu of delivering an "aggressive speech" replete with "combative words." But that's just for starters. The editorial goes on to warn that "it could be disastrous if Mr. Netanyahu and his supporters in Congress were so blinded by distrust of Iran that they exaggerate the threat, block President Obama from taking advantage of new diplomatic openings and sabotage the best chance to establish a new relationship since the 1979 Iranian revolution sent American-Iranian relations into the deep freeze." However, while depicting Netanyahu as an aggressive...(Read Full Post)