Marvey Centrists

The silly, but amusing, Kathleen Parker offers up silly, but amusing, commentary at the Washington Post. The pith of Parker's thinking: If only the inchoate mass known as "centrists" could coalesce and exert their power, the nation would balance out. That nasty, ongoing war between right and left about the nation's future -- about liberty itself -- could be shunted to the sidelines. A girl like Kathleen doesn't like icky messes. Writes Parker: "[I]f only there were someone to harness and channel what I would call their [centrists'] normalcy." No whiff of elitism in the word "harness," eh? Centrists are just plow horses waiting to be yoked and put to a work for normalcy's sake. Who is that "someone" who can lasso lumpen-centerists into a political force, by the way? From Parker's quill: The challenge for the moderate middle is to create an organizing principle -- all things in moderation? -- and produce a centrist, non-ideological, pragmatic leader, preferably one un-indebted to...(Read Full Post)