Liberal DA who vowed to get Tom DeLay escapes 'abuse of power' charges

It took only 30 minutes for a grand jury in the liberal enclave of Travis County, Texas, to decide not to indict District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg for abuse of power. The allegations against Lehmberg -- who helped prosecute former House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay -- stemmed from her drunken driving arrest last April 12, after which she threatened and insulted jail staff and asked for special treatment. It was all caught on video tape. The grand jury's decision on Friday provoked much discussion over the weekend among the readers of local media outlets. Some wryly (and accurately) observed - only in Travis County. Lehmberg, a Democratic in her second term, is most famous for having been on the team of former District Attorney Ronnie Earle who, in some clever legal sophistry, convinced a jury that Tom DeLay was guilty of "money laundering" for how he had handled campaign contributions. But a Texas appeals court recently ruled that DeLay had broken no laws;...(Read Full Post)