Let it Be Known

"Sorry. Obamacare is going to hurt me and I can't buy that right now." "Sorry. I used to give to your charity each year, but the money must go for my higher health insurance costs due to Obamacare." "Sorry. We have to lay off 20% of our work force, and the people who own the cars in the company lot with the Obama Biden bumper stickers.... well, you're first. You understand, don't you?" I used to avoid the unknown incoming phone numbers on my home phone. They were usually solicitors. But not anymore. I pick up, I listen... then I let it be known that I can't buy that right now. I choose not to buy that right now. I choose not to give at this moment. I just found out what Obamacare is doing to me and my family and, frankly, my duty is to take care of them. People who support Obama and his "signature" legislation have to be made to know, must learn, that what is bad for me just became bad for them. Don't miss an opportunity to let them know that their guy is the cause. (Read Full Post)