Kaitlyn's Last Stand

This past week brought us news that the squalid Kaitlyn Hunt saga is spiraling down to its inevitable conclusion, with Ms. Hunt, on whose trim little shoulders rode the hopes of the entire LGBT world, finally accepting a plea deal involving jail time, home detention, and probation. Kaitlyn Hunt attracted attention earlier this year on the occasion of her arrest for sexual involvement with an underage child, a fourteen-year-old schoolmate. Hunt was eighteen at the time the relationship began, leaving her liable to statutory rape and molestation charges with the possibility of lengthy prison terms. Because this was a Juliet and Juliet affair, the U.S. gay community landed on it like an escadrille of multicolored butterflies. Abolishment of age-of-consent laws has been a long-term goal of the gay rights movement -- sought far longer than same-sex marriage - and the Hunt case presented a perfect opportunity to strike a major blow against the existing legal structure. The case...(Read Full Post)