From American Exceptionalism to American Exemptionalism

Obamacare's problems are legion.  As much fun as it would be to do so, I won't recite the litany of  exemptions, delays, and major "glitches."  Let the judgment of the law's primary author, Senator Max Baucus, suffice: ObamCare's implementation is a "train wreck." Has anyone noticed that all the praise emanating from Washington and its corporate and media collaborators around the country continues to be based on to-be-proven promises and hypotheticals?  So far, many of these promises have been proven wrong (O.K., some might even call these promises "lies").  There is almost nothing about ObamaCare currently extant that is praiseworthy. And now we have experienced the grand rollout of the new state insurance exchanges.  Participation in these exchanges is mandatory for all those who are not covered by qualifying health insurance plans at work.  Day one has been, by most measures, a disaster. Here's what the Democrats should've...(Read Full Post)