EBT snafu leads to blame game between Walmart and Xerox

Just who is at fault for the food stamp riot of 2013? Walmart, where stores in several states experienced Black Friday-like runs on groceries when the electronic benefit cards used by food stamp recipients weren't showing any limits, blames the IT company for the giveaway. Xerox points a finger at Walmart. Who's right? The big question is: Who's going to pay for this? EBT money is paid by the state and uses money provided by federal subsidies. The state of Louisiana is most certainly not going to pay for all the stuff that should have been disallowed had the system been working properly on Saturday. "The outage was the result of failures by our contractor, Xerox," said a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. When the system went down, retailers have a phone system for getting authorizations on EBT purchases. "Some retailers chose not to follow the process," said the rep. "Those businesses are only being reimbursed for the (maximum)...(Read Full Post)