Charles Krauthammer, revealed

Fox News Channel is featuring a documentary on Charles Krauthammer this weekend, with two airings yesterday, and another two to follow on Sunday (9 PM and midnight, Eastern). It is truly must-see TV, because the life story of a very private man is revealed, and the narrative which emerges is both sobering and inspirational. Most tea party conservatives are still stinging from Dr. K's rebuke of the Cruz-Lee defund Obamacare strategy, and so may not be open to a program that is warm, verging on reverential. But that would be a mistake. Even when I disagree with him, Krauthammer is enlightening and worth hearing through. As viewers of Special Report with Bret Baier know, the daily panel discussions which occupy the last third of the hour normally include Krauthammer and at least one non-conservative member, often Juan Williams. One of the great delights of that show is watching Krauthammer disagree with Williams, and observing the facial expression of Juan as he reacts. Like most...(Read Full Post)