Bill de Blasio's Failure to fight Anti-Semitism

Ronald Radosh in the New York Post points out that Bill de Blasio was a big fan of the Sandinistas when they were practicing anti-Semitism.  In the eighties, there were only 50 Jews in Nicaragua, and de Blasio was more interested in promoting communism than in remonstrating the Sandinistas for firebombing the only synagogue in Managua. Reagan spoke out against the Libyans, the PLO, and Khomeini supporting the Sandinistas.  But de Blassio was more interested in identifying with Nicaraguan Marxism than in helping the Jews. Of course, this won't influence the Jewish vote in the election.  After all, New York Jews voted for Obama despite his Muslim roots and his questionable attitude toward Israel.  They might as well have put beeswax in their ears to blot out Obama's love song to the Arabs and the Palestinians in his Cairo speech. My New York Jewish brothers make me question whether we have a genetic predisposition towards self-destruction.  Maybe we are just...(Read Full Post)