Bicyclist Gets 'Detroited' In Ann Arbor

Although the college town of Ann Arbor isn't suffocating from the choke hold of violent crime like its Michigan siblings Flint and Detroit, this video confirms that the same criminal element is also present in Ann Arbor. As reported by Fox Detroit, a 25-year-old bicyclist was hospitalized with serious injuries, ranging from brain hemorrhaging, eye-fractured, and lost teeth, after losing control of his bicycle then falling face-first onto the cement.  The cringe-worthy fall wasn't the result of inclement weather, a faulty bike, or dim street lighting. Nope, quite simply, it occurred while being chased! Chased by whom you ask? Well, to the Grievance Industry's dismay, the video confirmed that the pursuer wasn't a "Creepy A** Cracka." However, if you're a Liberal, the cameras that recorded this upsetting incident are probably racist. But I digress. Due to the head trauma, the bicyclist was unconsciously lying in a supine position when the suspect walked over and lifted the...(Read Full Post)