Barack Obama Should Listen To His Wife

U.S. Ambassador James Costos was commanded to appear at the Spanish Foreign Ministry in Madrid on October 28th, as a public expression of Spain's outrage over the latest document releases from the former National Security Agency contractor and current guest of Russia, Edward Snowden, that demonstrate United States has been collecting electronic surveillance on the phone calls of tens of millions of Spaniards. Mr. Costos was not alone regarding anger at American diplomats spying on their hosts. Over the weekend the U.S. ambassadors to Germany, France, Brazil, and a number of other countries received similar treatment after spying in their countries wasalso outted by Snowden.Given that Edward Snowden has every intention of continuing his revelations regarding what he believes is the administration's destruction of privacy and basic human liberties, the president should show some honesty and integrity by acknowledging the scope of the domestic and foreign surveillance policies he...(Read Full Post)