Anyone surprised that a 'disengaged executive' would put out a product that was not tested?

CBS has an amazing report about the computer problems behind ObamaCare.  The best part of the report is an interview with a software expert who said that he'd be embarrassed to put out something like this.  Watch the video here. The amazing thing is that The White House was aware of these problems but nevertheless went ahead with the release date:    "Robert Laszewski, a consultant with clients in the healthcare industry participating in the new exchange, said insurance companies were complaining "loudly" that the site had experienced problems before the launch. "People were pulling out their hair," he told The Washington Post Wednesday." And it apparently cost $634 million, a rather high figure for a system down for days.  Will anyone be accountable for that?  Anyone getting fired?  Or is this like "Fast & Furious"?  For some time, we've written about President Obama's managerial...(Read Full Post)