Americans voting with their 'feet' on Obamacare

This Reuters headline is not good news for the administration: Frustrated by, some consumers buy off exchange Americans are abandoning the site and buying insurance the old fashioned way; calling the companies directly. Since its launch on October 1, technical problems have stalled, the website meant to help millions of uninsured Americans sign up for coverage as part of the biggest U.S. social program since Medicare plans for the elderly launched in the 1960s. Nearly a dozen insurance companies offering plans on the exchange who were interviewed by Reuters say they have received at most a trickle of enrollments through the federal marketplace serving 36 states, some of them with errors that require the insurers to separately verify information about applicants. At the same time, consumer inquiries at insurance company call centers and websites are up, in some case even double the amount of normal traffic. When they...(Read Full Post)