The unnaturally youthful-looking face of American diplomacy

  There's so much buzz going around about Secretary of State John Kerry's apparently Botoxed face that the Washington Post's Reliable Sources column to the time to analyze all the other possible reasons the highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War looks just like he recently had some Botox injections. In the midst of the intense congressional hearings on Syria, many longtime observers had questions that had nothing to do with a possible military strike: Why did Secretary of State John Kerry look so different? His eyes seemed less droopy than usual, his entire face seemed somehow wider. Dutifully, the Post reports the official explanation: exhaustion and overwork. Right. Everyone knows that long hours of exhausting effort smooth out the wrinkles and render the facial muscles almost paralyzed. And then goes on to list alternatives that could be hypothesized to explain away the signs of Botox. I commend them for their fair mindedness. What makes me go with the obvious...(Read Full Post)