Syria is all about Obama not Iraq

"Bush Derangement Syndrome" is alive and well in the 5th year of Obama.  The latest expression of BDS is blaming the president's failure in Congress to get approval to go to war in Syria on Iraq.  It goes like this:  We didn't find WMDs in Iraq and now everyone is skeptical of getting involved militarily in Syria Let's not get into an Iraq War debate right now.  We do know that it was President Clinton who bombed Iraq several times over WMDs.  We remembered Senator Hillary Clinto saying that Saddam had contacts with Al Qaeda.  Finally, we've all seen the videos of Democrats saying that Saddam had WMDs.  In fact, there was a bipartisan consensus about Iraq until the Democrats began to play politics when things got rough in 2006. Syria is not about Iraq or anything else that came before. Syria is "Made by Obama," a problem born out of a total and complete lack of leadership and vision.   ...(Read Full Post)