Shameful Cowards and a Beacon of Light

This week's hearings of the House Oversight and Reform Committee are revealing more of the same from the Obama administration on Benghazi: obfuscation, obstruction, and denial. If anyone had any doubt about the brazen willingness of the United States government to abandon four Americans, including an ambassador, leaving them to die on September 11, 2012, it should be washed away by now. And if anyone had any doubt that there has been a cover-up about what happened, that also should have been laid to rest long ago. And if even a shred of doubt remained about whether the Democrats are cowards, all one needed to do was absorb the shocking fact that all but two of them excused themselves from this week's testimony. Congressman Steve Stockman addressed the need for a Select Committee. Until a bipartisan Select Committee with full subpoena authority is created, the Obama administration will continue to stonewall and obstruct.  As long as Congress is limited to partial...(Read Full Post)