Senate Dems will alter Syria force authorization bill

There was a classified briefing attended by dozens of congressmen and senators yesterday where administration officials outlined the evidence that pointed to the Assad government's complicity in the chemcial weapons attack and where the language of the resolution authorizing force was debated. In the end, few lawmakers were totally convinced and none supported the resolution as it was worded. The Hill: Members emerged from the meeting expressing deep doubts about an assault on Syria, putting into sharp relief the challenge facing Obama as he seeks passage of a resolution authorizing the strikes. "To me there [are] profoundly unanswered questions about effectiveness, about what happens next, about whether we have any international support out there at all for military action and whether this is a wise idea," said Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.). "So I am a long way from being a 'yes' vote on even a narrower resolution," Himes said. While it's unclear how deeply the concern about...(Read Full Post)