Putin Set-up Obama and Kerry for the Spike in 2014

When you leave the carnival broke, sometimes you don't know how bad you were had until you find your watch is missing.  And if the watch doesn't convince you, finding your wallet gone, too, should. A September 14, 2013 New York Times article entitled "U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Secure Syria's Chemical Arms" could just as well read "The Putin Set-Spike-Game." In a September 12, 2013 CNN article entitled "Kerry: Talks on Syria chemical weapons 'not a game'" we not only learned that John Kerry pretends he isn't being played, but also that Syrian President for Life al-Assad had, that day in an interview with Russian TV, said that "the United States also must stop arming the rebels for his government to sign on to the global convention banning chemical weapons."       In the original version of Tom Cohan's piece that announcement came in the forty-seventh, and dead last, paragraph.  Later that day, the copy was revised and the al-Assad codicil was...(Read Full Post)