Obama's 9/11 tribute

You gotta love Obama's tribute to the victims of 9/11. It's classic Obama. Really, it is. For Exhibit A we have the following excerpt. Let us have the strength to face the threats that endure, different though they may be from 12 years ago... Uh, methinks the threats we face are very much the same as 12 years ago, made that much worse by his presidency. Exhibit B is pretty good, too! Let us have the wisdom to know that, while force is at times necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek... Obama outdid himself. Can we officially say that he is a caricature of himself? First, he uses language that suggests to the listener that there are those who think that "force alone" builds a world. This is not unlike those who say or gesture "peace," as if any normal person wants war. Then he sneaks in that utopian thing with "the world we seek," thereby averting the world as it is. (For more on utopian visions of 9/11, see the nifty art projects folks are doing to help...(Read Full Post)