News from the War Zone: 5 more dead, 11 wounded in Chicago shootings

That's the toll from overnight Saturday. The previous day's carnage included 4 dead and 7 others wounded. And then there was the shootup in a park at a basketball game that wounded 13 earlier in the week. Governor Quinn is considering calling out the National Guard and State Police to help the Chicago PD deal with the violence. But the reasons for the violence go far beyond numbers of police in the street and even those measures may not do much to stem the violence. Gov. Pat Quinn says he would consider using state resources to help combat Chicago street violence, but only if city officials want the assistance. Speaking on this week's mass shooting in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, Quinn was asked whether there have been discussions about sending in the state police or Illinois National Guard to assist Chicago police. The governor said he's had no specific conversations but noted state police are helping patrol in East St. Louis, another city that has its ...(Read Full Post)