Michelle Obama's water torture

Just when you thought the Nanny State couldn't get anymore drunk with patronizing power over people, along comes Michelle Obama with a most urgent plea: Make sure you drink water! Who knew?! Apparently we now need the government to tell us to do the most basic of things. To get the word out, the First lady has pre-recorded messages that will air on numerous television shows including the Today show and Good Morning America. And also on Un Nuevo Dia. I wonder if she'll find another way to insult the Latino community, perhaps telling them a second time that their kids are too fat. But no worries. The government's here to save the day with The Water Diet. But that's not all. Mrs. Obama plans to fly to (warning: something super clever up ahead) Watertown, Wisconsin. So cute! And there's more. Actress Eva Longoria will be accompanying her. Nothing like traveling with A-list celebs to help spread the Gospel of Government. While his wife is in Wisconsin, the...(Read Full Post)